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The goal of National Real Estate is to deliver superior returns through real estate related investments in select markets and market conditions. National Real Estate invests in fundamentally sound real estate and actively participates as a managing principal to achieve alpha returns on investments. Our investments embody a powerful combination of immediate cash-flow and long-term appreciation in explosive real estate markets such as metro-Orlando Florida. We focus on buying at the right price point to maximize returns. 


National Real Estate uses a proven system to accurately analyze, implement, and maintain profitable real estate investment portfolios. The process begins by an investor taking action now and contacting our Investor Relations Team to determine your investment objectives. Our experienced team will create a hypothetical portfolio of actual properties for sale and project gross rents, vacancy, maintenance expenses, all of which are based on actual management data available in our current portfolio of properties. Once we determine that a particular portfolio meets your objectives, we move into the acquisition phase to create your investment portfolio. From this point, all aspects of your investment are managed in house by our teams, from rehabs to day-day operations of property management. 


After your investment is established, we consistently review the performance of your portfolio. As a managing principal, National Real Estate will continue to evaluate your strategy and implement new ideas to maximize your return on investment. 


Please call and ask for a member of our Investor Relations Team for more information or send a message from out Contact Us page.